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Limestone floors

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Arion TK113
A warm yet tranquil stone
Now: 109.00 - 114.00

Beauvista Brushed TK100
Now: 88.00

Beauvista Honed TK99
Now: 57.99 - 80.00

Chantel Honeygold TK105
honey gold delight
Price: 69.00

Courtland White TK97
A floor or wall option for whatever your style.
Now: 43.57 - 99.00

Crema Marfil Brushed TK106
A floor of an ageless appeal
Now: 54.00 - 64.94

Crema Marfil Honed TK107
A classic cream stone with caramel and cinnamon veining
Now: 47.90 - 63.05

Crema Marfil Polished TK108
Perfect option for living and bathing areas alike.
Now: 49.19 - 64.94

Dream Castle Floors TK121
Looks like it has been walked on for centuries. Call Now 0845-0800-452 for samples
Now: 48.00

French Craft Pillowed TK123
Synonymous with fine French craftsmanship. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples and advise.
Now: 96.50

Gold Crusade Honed TK124
A warm neutral which works perfectly with whites, creams and greys.
Now: 46.79 - 165.00

Grey Shells Pale Polished TK116
The silky patina reveals the intrinsic beauty of this in vogue stone. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples and advice.
Now: 44.41 - 49.63

Grey Shells Pale TK115
Brings significant charm to any room. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples and advice.
Now: 36.71 - 52.00

Java Brushed TK101
Found in old French farmhouses. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples and advice.
Now: 88.00

Java Honed TK102
Sophistication for walls and floors. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples and advice.
Now: 57.99 - 80.00

Jerbon Brushed TK110
Creates a soft and natural mood. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples or to place orders.
Price: 60.00

Jerbon Honed TK109 Honed
Cream and full of coloured fossils ? delightful. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples.
Now: 46.76 - 61.91

Joanne Brushed TK98
Warm and inviting. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples.
Price: 107.00

Nara Brushed TK103
A floor of perfect imperfection is revealed. Call 0845-0800-452 for details.
Price: 64.99

Off White Honed TK117
Perfect shade of off-white.
Now: 36.17 - 48.42

Off White Polished TK118
Evocative of antique porcelain tableware. Call 0845 -0800-452.
Now: 36.71 - 42.53

Provence Buttermilk TK104
Beautiful soft buttermilk hued stone. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples and advice.
Now: 118.00

Seychelles Brushed TK114
This stone resembles the beaches of the Seychelles, and works effortlessly in both contemporary and traditional settings. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples.
Now: 77.99

Seychelles Honed TK111
A light apricot shade merged with tiny cream and grey fossil shells. Listen and you might just hear the sea! Call now to discuss your requirements.
Now: 31.88 - 35.98

Seychelles Tumbled TK111
Think of far off beaches lapped by the sea. This pre stressed tumbled stone instantly looks like it has been on your floor for a millenium. Call 0845 0800-452 for samples.
Now: 39.56 - 55.13

Tile King Jura Beige
Jura Beige Honed
Was: 63.00
Now: 43.25

Special offer commercial prices from 15.00 M2 To good to miss All work guaranteed. Subject to terms & conditions.
Price: 15.00

Natural Stone Tile
Price: 0.00

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