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Carrara Marble
We supply in all sizes, scant/slabs with stock chosen by our agents with decades of experience working with only the best quarries to bring you the best available. Call 0845-0800-452 samples, prices from ?20.00M2
Price: 20.00

Carrara Marble TKC-1 lighter base and veining.
TKC-1 Bianco Carrara 60 x 40 x 2 cm this is chosen for its light base colour and veining. available in other sizes, details on request. e-mail
Price: 0.00

Crema Marfil Polished 60 x 60 x 20 mm
5 Star quality polished Crema Marfil. Sale Price shown is for Classico. First and Commercial prices by separate negotiation. Call 0845-0800-452 now for best price quote, and massive savings on brand name adhesives.
Price: 64.00

Porcelain TKSP6060 Statuario polished tiles
Porcelain version of the classic Italian Carrara marble - Polished finish 600x300x9m 600x600x9mm along with Statuario check out our real scant comparison
Was: 60.00
Now: 36.76

Pure Black Marble
There is seldom marble in pure black color, and they always have some veins or textures Tile King offers pure black marble.
Price: 0.00

Tile King Silver Veined Black Marble TKXJ
Silver veined absolute black marble, available in all size and slabs.
Price: 0.00

Tile king TKMV2080
Carrara feature panel. e-mail for further information
Price: 0.00

Special offer commercial prices from 15.00 M2 To good to miss All work guaranteed. Subject to terms & conditions.
Price: 15.00

TK Multi large multi coloured rust slabs and flagsones
Dark/rust slate with alternating grey and rust coloured banding and a marked exfoliation. Call now to discuss your project and allow us to quote best rate, South: 0203 368 6135, Midland 0161 433 8270, North 0131 513 9822
Price: 15.00

Now: 24.00 - 37.50

This ancient marble was used as statuary marble in Roman times. It has white background colour with greyish veining, also has limited variation. The tumbled finish gives them a beautiful aged appearance.
Price: 59.10

High quality light coloured honed finished marble.
Was: 75.00
Now: 55.00

Price: 0.00

Price: 0.00

Cream hand made mesh mounted mosaic. Call Now 0845-0800-452 samples, stock.
Price: 36.41

Beautiful mixed jade green tumbled marble mosaic. Call Now 0845 0800 452 for samples.
Was: 11.00
Now: 10.61

Black tumbled marble tiles. (Taurus Nero). White coloured veins are also present which gives character to the tile pieces. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples.
Was: 99.32
Now: 79.00

A touch of classical marble, click through on picture to enlarge view, On Sale Now
Was: 29.16
Now: 11.66

TK902 Pompeii Medlay
A melange of tumbled, light coloured, off-white marble and rocco marble creating a marble mosaic wall or floor pre-mounted on a mesh backing for easy installation. Call Now 0845-0800-452
Price: 7.25

TKBC922, Bianco. TKNM2010, Nero.
Carrara bianco (white) effect floor tile, shown with Nero Maquino (black) floor tiles in 600 x 600 mm. e-mail for price/samples/info.
Price: 0.00

TKCB Cararra 600 x 600 Ultra Thin & Light
Carrara marble has been used since the time of Ancient Rome; the Pantheon and Trajan's Column in Rome are constructed of it.
Was: 112.00
Now: 64.10

TKCD1 Bianca Carrara
Tile King Bianco Carrara TKCD-1 60 x 40 x 2 cm, also available in other tile/slab sizes. e-mail for samples etc.
Price: 0.00

TKCHA 63 available 600 x 300 and 600 x 600
Carrara marble porcelain tile, high quality suitable, domestic / comercial in two sizes. Call South: 0203 368 6135, Midland 0161 433 8270, North 0131 513 9822 e-mail for price/samples/info. for details -discuss your project.
Price: 0.00

TKCM3025 Crema Marfil Polished
Crema Marfil, Call NOW do not delay 0203 368 6135 With its beautiful design, Crema Marfil Polished is great for adding a new dimension to any Bathroom, Conservatory, Kitchen, Living Room, Hallway, Bedroom or Study.
Was: 70.00
Now: 31.50

TKCM305 porcelain floor in 305 x 305
Porcelain crema marfil floor tile with a PE11V rating-also available in bianca carrara. Call South: 0203 368 6135, Midland 0161 433 8270, North 0131 513 9822
Price: 0.00

Polished grey vein on white background.
Price: 54.89

click to enlarge, highly veined and polished marble.
Was: 123.79
Now: 102.47

TKD2575, with TKPDB2575
Marble feild tile with lower marble stripes with dado border and skirting tile. Click pictures to enlarge. Price on application quantity dependant.
Price: 0.00

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