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Tile King Splitface
Ideal for use as a feature wall, pick out any of the shades to compliment your main tile. Free Length strips x12mm are arranged onto 550x150mm staggered panels for ease of fitting.
Was: 28.00
Now: 18.60

TK0-25Mosaic Polished porcelain 30 x 30 sheet
White porcelain mosaic
Price: 7.50

Classic Travertine Tumbled Mosaic available in five size options. Call 0800-0800-452
Price: 25.65

Classic tumbled travertine mosaic 15 x random length broken chips.
Price: 40.87

Light and brown travertine tile pieces are arranged in 32 mm x 48 mm size. All our mosaics are mesh mounted and very easy to work with. Call Now 0845-0800-452
Price: 32.13

Cream hand made mesh mounted mosaic. Call Now 0845-0800-452 samples, stock.
Price: 36.41

Made with white tumbled marble. It is easy to work with as they come in mesh mounted sheets. Size 23 x 23 mm and 48 x 48 mm
Now: 6.75

Beautiful mixed jade green tumbled marble mosaic. Call Now 0845 0800 452 for samples.
Was: 11.00
Now: 10.61

Black tumbled marble tiles. (Taurus Nero). White coloured veins are also present which gives character to the tile pieces. Call 0845-0800-452 for samples.
Was: 99.32
Now: 79.00

Light honed & filled travertine mosaic. Call now : South 0203 368 6135, Midlands 0161 433 8270, North 0131 513 9822.
Price: 4.36

Polished Creme Marble Tesserae Mosaic. Call 0845-0800-452 for details and samples.
Was: 69.63
Now: 39.63

Price: 23.88

Price: 12.53

Price: 17.61

Price: 17.61

Gold, chocolate and nutmeg mosaics in a luxurious shimmering melange. Call 0845 0800 452 for samples,price.
Price: 0.00

TK69MU-RM rectangle mosaic
Rich amber, beige and gold contemporary glass mosaic. Price on application.
Was: 20.95
Now: 14.95

TK910 Volcanic Black
Spewed from hot volcanic rock black mosaic
Price: 8.57

Luxurious shimmering gold mosaic. 20 x 20 x4 mm pieces on a 327 x 327 sheet. Call 0845 0800 452 for price, samples.
Price: 0.00

A melange of tumbled, light coloured, off-white marble creating a marble mosaic wall or floor pre-mounted on a mesh backing for easy installation.
Price: 7.25

TK902 Pompeii Medlay
A melange of tumbled, light coloured, off-white marble and rocco marble creating a marble mosaic wall or floor pre-mounted on a mesh backing for easy installation. Call Now 0845-0800-452
Price: 7.25

TK904 Capri Rosa
Price: 7.25

TKTorino Grey
Price: 7.25

A mix of tumbled, light coloured off-white stone and natural grey slate pieces creating a mosaic wall or floor, pre-mounted on a mesh backing for easy installation. Call Now 0845 0800 452
Price: 7.25

TK908 Milano Grey
A melange of tumbled grey slate and grey marble, creating a contemporary chic marble mosaic for wall or floor in domestic and commercial situations.
Price: 8.57

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