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QS Blue Pearl Granite

Price: 17.00

SKU: Each
Size: 308 x 308 x 15


Installation without adhesive !

Glueing the tiles to the substructure is omitted through the Quick Line laying system with the patent-pending carrier frame.

Installation without mess.
Quick Stone is furnished with a grouting line profile at the factory so that conventional grouting of the tiles and the dirt accumulated during the process is omitted.

Fire Protection Class B1
Quick Stone complies with the requirements of the Fire Protection Class B1 "hardly inflammable".

Fast installation
With Quick Stone you can lay tiles up to six times as fast as compared to conventional methods.

A floor installed with Quick Stone is reusable without any problem thanks to the highly developed carrier frame.

Splash water resistant
The integrated grouting profile seals the tiling spaces perfectly and allows neither splash water nor residual moisture to penetrate.

Suitable for under-floor heating
Quick Stone can be installed on floor heating, which has an energy-saving effect through the heat-storing property of the natural stone.

Perfect joint image
You always obtain a perfect grout image. The spaces between the tiles are always exactly the same thanks to the carrier frame with integrated grouting lines.

Marginal structural height
With a height of only 15 mm, Quick Stone is hardly any higher than conventional floor tiles.

Quick Stone is easy to clean thanks to its dirt-repellent surface. You only have to moist wipe the floor.

High concentrated load
With a concentrated load of over 500 kg per cm?, the Quick Stone floor covering is also outstandingly suitable for commercial purposes.

No crack formation
Quick Stone is a floating laying system. Since the tiles are not permanently bonded with the floor substructure, no cracks can form any more.

Footfall sound insulation
The footfall sound insulation affixed to the underside of the Quick Line frame substantially reduces footfall sound.

Immediately passable
Quick Stone floors can be walked on immediately and are capable of bearing a load without any waiting period.

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